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360 Feedback

Develop Your Coaching Skills - WorkshopOff the shelf and customised solutions to deliver high impact 360 solutions.



CustomView360 is a flexible and easy to use on-line 360º feedback system which provides a complete customised approach to your unique 360º feedback needs.


ViewSuite360 is a complementary suite of off-the-shelf 360º feedback assessment tools. The validated assessment tools that comprise ViewSuite360 are designed for individuals and teams at all levels within an organisation.


ExecutiveView360° assesses twenty-two critical competencies required for effective senior leadership and effectiveness in four areas based on job profiling of executive positions for talent management systems.


LeaderView360 assesses 35 critical leadership behaviours in 7 core competencies required for effective leadership in today's organisations.


ManagerView360 assesses twenty critical managerial competencies required for effective leadership and managerial effectiveness in four areas based on extensive job analyses of managerial positions in diverse industries.


By comparing one's perception with those of one's supervisor, peers and team members, PerformanceView360 provides an objective summary of your employees' strengths and areas of development.


TeamView360 measures each individual's scores compared to the team members and the teams' overall average scores.


CompetencyView360 is ideal for situations requiring a customised approach, where specific competency areas and behaviours need to be measured, yet at the same time benefits from using tried and tested questionnaire items associated with validated off-the-shelf tools.


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