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Working with and Developing Teams

Develop Your Coaching Skills - WorkshopCould you benefit from gaining a greater understanding of how teams work?


Would you like to get to grips with the dynamics of your team, enhance team leadership and get the best out of each individual team members by playing to their strengths?


Development Training Contents:


leadership training1. Team Dynamics

  • Exploring how teams work.
  • Balancing teams and developing roles.
  • Using coaching tools to agree on goals.

2. Team Leadership

  • Leadership styles and their impact.
  • Communicating and sharing a vision.
  • Developing a strategy.

3. Individual Team Membership


The positive outcomes to this type of training are:

  • Develop a greater understanding of how teams work.
  • Learn how to play to individual members strengths.
  • Learn how an understanding and application of coaching strategies will develop individual and team success.
  • Develop and enhancing your own leadership style.


Team Coaching With Enlighten


Working with and Developing Teams

The concept of teamwork is extremely important to the success of any team. All coaches talk about working as one unit, as a unified team. Teamwork and unselfishness create the backbone of a great team, without them a team cannot realistically compete. You can have a group of superstars, but if they do not work well as one unit, chances are they are not going to be as successful as you would think. The team working as one cohesive unit is going to be the key in their success.


Team coaching enables the following outcomes:

  • A greater variety of complex issues can be tackled by pooling expertise and resources.
  • Problems are exposed to a greater diversity of knowledge, skill and experience.
  • The approach boosts morale and ownership through participative decision making.
  • Improvement opportunities that cross departmental or functional boundaries can be more easily addressed.
  • The recommendations are more likely to be implemented than if they come from an individual.

Enlighten can provide your organisation with leadership and team management training programs to help fine tune and improve staff management, enabling team leaders to obtain the optimum performance from their teams. All of our leadership training courses can be undertaken on site at your convenience and with no detrimental effects

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'Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.' - John F. Kennedy