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The MiRo Behavioural Mode Assessment


The MiRo Behavioural Mode Assessment is an easy to understand look into how we view the world and the way that this influences our motivations, fears, styles of communication and methods of leadership. Based on William Moulton Marston's ideas into human behaviours and linked to Carl Jung's personality types, the MiRo Behavioural Mode assessment can be used for self development, team building, recruitment and many more practical applications.


Marston's and Jung's ideas have formed the basis of a number of behavioural tools over the last 70 years which have been consistently validated by research, making their findings some of the most respected within the industry. By combining these two important sets of ideas MiRo has developed one of the most usable psychometric tools on the market today.


Individual & Team


The MiRo Behavioural Mode Assessment helps people start to understand their behaviour and, through this increased awareness, that self development might easily be achievable. Either through one-to-one coaching with our experienced coaches or through the easy to understand report, each individual will take an essential step towards that all important optimum performance in both their personal and working life.


As a tool for team development the MiRo Behavioural Mode Assessment breaks through the mysteries of team performance and helps people to understand the self, others and the team dynamic. Within just a short time the understanding gained through the MiRo assessment can be easily implemented into any team building event and ultimately into your working environment.




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