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Professional Development Training with Enlighten

Enlighten delivers custom designed professional development training that meets your specific success criteria.

Develop Your Coaching Skills - WorkshopAfter an initial consultation we design programs aimed at meeting your needs. This is followed up by evaluation and feedback to ensure our training fully meets your requirements. Professional Development Training is delivered in house at your convenience.


Enlighten can support you in company self evaluation to find out exactly which areas of our professional development training you could benefit from. We can then create a unique one to one professional development training program specifically designed to help all levels of your organisation hierarchy.


Enlighten facilitate training for Leadership, Business and Education (Schools and Colleges).


Issues we can help with:

Accelerating change
You know what you want to achieve but something’s getting in the way and blocking progress.


Supporting leaders
You are doing a good job but welcome a critical friend.


Building a leadership team
The team work well together but communication and vision need sharpening.


Understanding leadership styles and their Impact
You know your own style and the results it achieves but you’d like to know more.


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Creating effective working relationships
You know you have strengths but want to know how you can capitalise on them.


Ensuring effective communication
Your people spend over 75% of their time in an interpersonal situation; you want to ensure communication is effective.


Creating and communicating a vision
You know you need to make changes but may not know what your preferred future is or how to communicate it.


Developing teamwork using coaching
You know the team working as one cohesive unit is going to be the key in their success and it’s not happening yet.


Improving appraisal
You may have an appraisal cycle in place but you feel it could be more rigorous, have greater ‘buy-in’ and produce better results.


Managing people/Managing conflict
Effective people management is more than simply the implementation of policies and procedures – it is an explicit recognition of the benefits of having a committed, capable and skilled workforce that is focused on achieving company and personal goals.


Asserting yourself
You want to become more able to resist the pressure and dominance of excessively dominant people, and also want to exert a little more control in situations that are important to you.


Effective delegation
Delegation underpins a style of management which allows your staff to use and develop their skills and knowledge to their full potential. Without delegation, you know you are not using their full value.


Strategic planning/Bringing a plan or strategy to life
Your new direction is clear but you need your people to understand.


professional development training

Developing leaders
We have good people but our leaders could be getting so much more out of them.


Retention of staff
We know that great people are almost irreplaceable but we must do more to keep them.


Contact Enlighten to discuss your management and leadership training requirements or view the ready to go training list for further details of existing training titles.


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