Would you like to:

• Develop and strengthen your existing team?
• Have a support network available for co—coaching professionals?
• Find out more about business coaching and coaching skills?
• Have your views challenged about what is or is not possible?


This is an introduction to the skills of coaching. It is aimed at individuals and/or teams wishing
to develop their coaching skills or set up co-coaching support networks. As a part of this
management training you will carry out a personal GAP analysis and challenge your own ‘limiting beliefs’
about what goals are, or are not, possible.


You will learn:

How to structure and manage a coaching session so that it maintains its focus.
How to stop yourself from giving advice and how to keep your personal feelings out of the
way of the session.
Questioning skills that help colleagues unlock their issues.
How to build from one session to the next and sequence your coaching sessions appropriately
Carry out a personal audit – where are you now with your current beliefs and do they affect
you achieving your goals?
How to challenge and change limiting beliefs about goals (“I could never do that”)
How to align your beliefs to make you a more congruent person.
How to use language patterns to move your colleagues forward.


John Pritchard enjoys success as a leadership training and development training professional. The founder of Enlighten, John specialises in helping business leaders and managers achieve greater success and fulfilment through coaching techniques and professional development training. John has over 15 years experience of designing effective learning programs. As a highly successful head teacher in the London Borough of Bromley John was described as, ‘dynamic and purposeful.’

He has completed N.P.Q.H and L.P.S.H with the National College of Leadership. He has Ofsted accredited training for Self Evaluation and an Advanced Diploma in Management from Christ College Canterbury. As well as experience of coaching within an academic setting, John has trained with The Coaching Academy.