Identifying and communicating a clear vision is one of the most important functions
a leader can perform.

All leaders should understand the basic elements of visioning and how to communicate
a clear vision.

Do you know and where you are leading your organisation over the next 3, 5 and 10


Creating a clear and effective vision delivers many benefits to the organisation. Not
only does a clear, shared vision help define the values of the company or business
and its employees, but it also helps guide the behaviour of all employees. A strong
vision also leads to greater efficiency.

A strong vision requires a recognition and understanding of core values that the
organisation holds. Once the leader identifies the core values of the organisation, he
or she needs to effectively articulate and communicate the purpose and envisioned

With such a clearly communicated vision, the organisation will facilitate buy-in from its
employees and create a sense of shared vision.


You will:

• Define and articulate your core values.
• Plan how to communicate this effectively.
• Know how to secure loyalty from stake holders.
• Establish a shared vision with your organisation.
• Translate your vision into practice.