This management training is specifically designed for anyone responsible for evaluating and/or managing
an others work output. The content listed below would cover a two day programme but can
be tailored to an individual requirement.

See also: Managing Appraisal.


What will the training cover?

The Value of Performance Management
Definitions and benefits, common reasons for underperforming, exploring role of manager as coach.

Setting Clear Expectations and Objectives
Setting SMART targets, agreeing standards, communication and vision.

Managing and Motivating for Individual Performance
Performance types and approaches, leadership styles, understanding the link between performance and motivation, tips to keep staff interested and motivated.

Improving and Developing Performance
Praising good work, identifying weakness and dealing with them, The Performance coach, collecting evidence,
providing clear feedback, encouraging self review.

Managing Under Performers
What is poor performance? Challenging behaviour, assertiveness, fairness and calmness.

Personal Development
Individual action plans


What you will learn:

• Understand the relationship between performance management and results
• Set and monitor appropriate performance targets
• Monitor and measure performance against an agreed standard
• Understand and manage skills gaps
• Confidently deal with performance issues and turn them around
• Run effective review meetings
• Give formal and informal motivational feedback