If you wish to improve your self awareness and develop your use of your own emotional intelligence
in order to motivate yourself and others then this management training could benefit you.

Suited for team leaders and members, leaders and managers at all levels.

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Develop and build on your knowledge of your own emotional intelligence (EI) so that working relationships
can improve and you can produce better results. This training is an introduction to Emotional Intelligence. It
is a practical and interactive day using set task, self reflection and discussion to enable you to examine EI
and how discuss how it influences performance in the workplace.

The training will cover:

• Understanding Emotions
• Definitions of Emotional Intelligence
• Self Awareness and Control
• Creating Productive Relationships
• Confidence and Motivation
• EI and Daniel Goleman—Why EQ is more important than IQ
• EI and Mayer/Salovey—EQ and the definitions of Intelligence


You will learn:

• The key theories behind emotional intelligence
• The history of EQ
• The benefits of adopting an EQ approach for you and the organisation
• Analyse, appreciate and develop your current Emotional Intelligence
• Successfully influence others to achieve mutually agreed goals
• Build your own self confidence and motivation

The training is lead by John Pritchard.

John has a particular interest in the area of Emotional Intelligence. His Masters Degree research with Greenwich University focused primarily on Emotional Intelligence and its relationship to motivation and learning.