What effect is your ‘communication’ having on others? Good communication, after all, is
judged by the impact it has.

This management training is aimed at new managers, new team leaders or administrators and those
wishing to understand and know how to improve their communication skills.


The contents listed below would constitute a two day program.

This can be tailored to your individual requirements and could also be delivered as a one day course.

Effective Communication—What is it?
Being clear about what you want to say, knowing how you portray yourself/feedback.

Managing Conflict and Challenge
Understanding hidden messages, managing difficult people, delivering the difficult message.

How to Build Rapport and Create a Positive Working Relationship.
Active listening and right questioning, rapport and body language, what to look for.

Influencing Others
Moving people forwards.

Presenting your best image
Being heard, taking control, having an impact, building confidence.


You will learn:

• To engage with others more effectively
• How to create and project the right image
• To overcome personal constraints that get in your way
• To understand what others are really thinking
• How to get others to see things your way