Are you already a good leader but feel you could be better?

Do you recognise leadership potential in your managers and want to provide some
developmental learning for them?

Do you want to challenge your own or other team members leadership beliefs?
Would you like to find out more about your own leadership style and how it impacts on
your team?


Leadership training is designed to encourage:-

An understanding of good leadership behaviours.
Learning about the difference between leadership and management.
Further insight into your patterns, beliefs and rules.
A personal definition of your qualities and strengths.
A perception of how well you know what's going on around you.
A greater awareness of the importance of interpersonal skills and communication
Learning about commitment and how to move things forward.
Improved decision making.
Learning about ways to empower, motivate and inspire others.
Leading by example.


You will:

• Develop your knowledge of different leadership styles.
• Understand the impact of a range of leadership styles.
• Recognise your own leadership style.
• Identify ways in which you can adapt your own style of leadership.
• Improve your knowledge and understanding of the qualities of good leadership.