Could you benefit from gaining a greater understanding of how teams work?

Would you like to get to grips with the dynamics of your team, enhance team leadership
and get the best out of each individual team members by playing to their

This professional development training is aimed at team leaders and team members.


This training will cover:

1. Team Dynamics

• Exploring how teams work.
• Balancing teams and developing roles.
• Using coaching tools to agree on goals.

2. Leadership

• Leadership styles and their impact.
• Communicating and sharing a vision.
• Developing a strategy.

3. Individual Team Membership

• Improving Performance Management.
• Coaching Strategies and personal motivation.
• Individual Professional Development.


• Develop a greater understanding of how teams work
• Learn how to play to individual members strengths.
• Learn how an understanding and application of coaching strategies will develop
individual and team success
• Develop and enhancing your own leadership style.