Staff development doesn't just happen. It takes a conscious and concerted effort on
the part of the manager to support and encourage their employees' initiative. The performance
appraisal is one of the most important ways an organisation can ensure the
continued best performance practices of its employees and to promote their future development.
Many managers have recognised that the skills and techniques needed
for the successful appraisal can be used in their everyday operations and have become
multi-skilled and better managers as a result.


Like so many processes in business, appraisals can be a wonderful forum for review,
development and communication. On the other hand they can be a 'tick the box' exercise
that is relatively meaningless.

Some of the reasons why appraisals can often be meaningless are:

They're rushed. They're one-way. They refer to things which are no longer relevant. People lie

And here's why appraisals can be useful:

They're two-way. They're thoughtful. They offer support and motivation.
This program covers the important skills of leading an appraisal cycle that is useful,
meaningful and supports and encourages development and commitment to the team
and organisation.


You will Learn:

• How to carry out an effective appraisal
• How to build rapport and relax the appraisee
• How to avoid appraisal pitfalls
• How to praise and criticise constructively
• How to pre-empt and handle difficult situations
• How to complete an appraisal form clearly and objectively
• How to ensure great performance is maintained after the appraisal