This management training is designed for individuals who need to manage conflict and hostility in others.
If you want to improve your overall effectiveness in resolving interpersonal issues this training
will provide you with the information to do so more confidently.

See Also: Titles including ‘emotional intelligence’


Develop and Understanding of Negative Thought and Behaviour

An introduction to theory, why people behave the way they do, the difference between negativity and hostile

Understanding Anger and Negativity
Know what makes people angry, what happens physically and mentally when they get angry.

Strategies to Deal With Negativity in Others
A step by step approach, re drawing your responses, know what action to take.
Analyse and use patterns of behaviour, change your response, viewing constructive and positive responses.

Creating a Personal Plan
Create your own individual future plan.


You will learn about:

• The impact of anger on behaviour
• Breaking and changing the emotional cycle and patterns of negative behaviour
• Dealing with others more effectively
• Hostile and negative behaviour
• Practical and personal strategies to employ on a day to day basis