During this workshop you will be supported and coached towards improving your presentation
skills, adding greater control and confidence.

In a supportive environment you will plan, prepare and deliver a presentation. You will be
given feedback on how to enhance your delivery and engage your audience.


This workshop is for any individual required to speak in front of others and who wish to project a professional impression

It will cover:-

• Meeting the needs of your audience
• Preparing content and practicing delivery
• Confidence and its effect on your audience
• Relaxation techniques
• Evaluating body language, tone and pace.
• Positive language and gestures.
• Influencing and interacting with your audience
• Using visual aids


You will be able to:

• Speak to groups with greater confidence and professionalism
• Plan and prepare more effectively
• Be confident when handling difficult issues
• Keep your audience engaged
• Interact with the audience with greater control and confidence
• Focus on the important issues
• Get your message accepted