As you progress in your career, you will face more and more complex and difficult
challenges. Some of these may be daunting - they may involve the coordination of
many different people, the completion of many tasks in a precise sequence, and the
expenditure of a great deal of time and money.

This module covers the main principles of project management and can be tailored to
suit your organisation and unique contextual working needs.


Learn about, understand and use more effectively:

• The Principles of Project Management
• ‘Good’ Project Management
• Gannt Charts and Critical Path Analysis
• Time Management Skills such as Drill Down Technique
• Stakeholder Analysis and Management
• Monitoring and Evaluation
Learn how to avoid the top ten traps of Poor Project Management


You will:-

• Understand the principles of project management.
• Know what ‘good’ management looks like.
• Be able to use a variety of tools to plan project schedules
• Be more aware of the importance of time management and have tools to
manage this.
• Use Evaluation and Monitoring procedures more effectively.