If you want to improve your personal effectiveness, general well-being and performance by
using stress management techniques then this training is for you.

It will also support and aid you in the management of difficult people and difficult situations.


Once you can rationalise and understand why some experiences are more stressful than
others—or why they cause you stress while colleagues perhaps are un-perturbed you can
begin to devise a personal strategy for dealing with them.

This one day course examines the causes of everyday stress in the individual and it examines
impact on individual well being and productivity. It offers practical advice and strategies designed
to help you deal with these situations more effectively


• Stress in the workplace
• Managing stress
• Handling others
• Stress and Behaviour
• Strategies for dealing with stress


You will be able to:

• Assess and understand your personal stress levels
• Identify the root causes of stress
• Recognise the symptoms of stress in others as well as yourself
• Learn how to handle work pressures more effectively
• Adapt and make changes to behaviour or attitude